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Thoracic Extension Mobilisation

Thoracic extension is a very important movement when it comes to squat patterns and overhead work, as well as helping to maintain good neck and lower back movement. In todays world we are generally getting stiffer in this range and this Thoracic Extension Mobilisation is a great way to maintain as well as improve this vital but underplayed range of motion.

Other cues

Keep your elbows narrow Do not arch your lower back Edge your way up your back with each mobilisation

Try not to hyperextend your neck

Targeted muscles trained

Thoracic extensors


Key movements trained

Thoracic extension


High density foam rollers are better for this as they are more comfortable for you to lean on, the plastic versions may dig in to your spins processes of your back and be quite uncomfortable which is not ideal.

This can be used in a warm up to help free thoracic extension before overhead work, but don't over do it. Little and often is a better strategy for this type of mobilisation rather one extensive periods rolling.

If you have undiagnosed pain in the thoracic region you should check with a professional if this is appropriate for you.


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