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Walking Lunge

This commonly used lunge pattern is extremely useful in conditioning for absorbing force that is pushing you forwards and from that positioning, pushing you upwards known as vertical propulsion. This variation is unloaded however there are many different ways to load this pattern, all with slightly different characteristics that can be utilised depending on your goals.

Other cues

Zip up your abdominals

Keep the ankle stiff on landing

Keep the back ankle stiff

Control the back knee towards the floor

Targeted muscles trained

Quadriceps group

Vastus medialis, Vastus intermedius, Vastsu lateralis, Rectus femoris

Gluteus maximus

Gluteus medius

Key movements trained

Knee extension

Hip extension

Hip anti-valgus


The act that your body mass is moving forwards and your landing leg is in front of you puts a high deceleration force into the quadriceps and therefore a level of conditioning is required to execute the movement effectively. If you have a recent history of pain the front of your knee, you may need to build towards this movement as your tolerance for the stress into the front of your knee can be tested here.

The exaggerated high step and landing with a flat foot or on your mid-foot ensures a greater level of gluteus maximus activation which is desirable to help you utilise your hips. Another test will be with regards to knee position and controlling any side to side wobble. This may indicate as weakness in the outside of your hip and may need specific attention to change to a more optimal pattern where the knee is relatively stable, side-to-side.


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