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Exercise is one of our key pillars of health and performance, getting exercise right will help you reduce the risk from pain and injury and give you the capacity to deal with physical shows and the relentless pace and volume of work as a Performing Athlete. Understanding exercise is a key part of this process and knowing what you can manipulate to gain a specific outcome key to using your time effectively and hitting the sweet spot of enough work to develop but not too much work that could reduce performance.


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Our performer education service, Production Education, is used by a number of West End and Touring companies to help their Performing Athletes to have access to trusted, high quality exercise-related information that has been shown to improve their self-efficacy and give them the tools to not only survive, but to thrive. You can join them. From learning about the perfect execution of specific exercises, to the reasons you may choose a specific number of repetitions in a set to help you gain the outcome you desire.

If you want to learn more about Exercise, and how you can improve your understanding and confidence around exercise selection, technique and programming then to optimise your health and performance then Subscribe to our performers education service, Production Education. Where we give you the tools and information to get you owning your Exercise and taking control of a vital part of your life.

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You can join our West End and Touring shows and subscribe to Production Education and benefit from the ever expanding library of information that we create for you as well as a number of Member Benefits with a wide host of partner companies that can save you money on everything from nutritional supplements and exercise equipment to metabolic testing and health blood tests.

Join Production Education and take your career to the next level.

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Do you have a suggestion on a topic / area we should cover?
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