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Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation


Our highly experienced therapists have delivered their services within Harley Street practices and elite sport. Having experience in fast-paced, dynamic environments where the highest level of quality and speed is demanded has prepared us to deliver physiotherapy, sports therapy and rehabilitation services to you.

If the situation requires, we can take advantage of our vast network of specialists to help us gain appropriate referrals to the right specialist at the right time to provide a fast solution.

Our flexible provision options ensure that we can supply whatever you need, when you need it, and to a level usually reserved for professional athletes and the World’s best performers.

Sports Massage


Our Sports Massage practitioners are qualified to the highest level in the UK. Alongside that high level of qualification is their significant experience delivering their services to elite athletes, West End Performers and actors from around the World. 

Sports Massage or soft tissue therapy can be utilised in several ways. It can aid optimal performance and recovery from the long repetitive days in the pressured environment of Productions. As well as being part of a strategy to help prevent injuries and accumulative fatigue. 

We at Production Physiotherapy supply a variety of options when it comes to your Sports Massage requirements.


Strength, Conditioning & Personal Training


A background in elite sports has enabled us to create a systematic approach to strength and conditioning in this sector, which is highly flexible to allow optimal performance onscreen and during rehearsals whilst still developing the client. Initial testing and constant monitoring via data collection are continually used to measure progress and reduce the chance of illness and injury. We also have extensive experience delivering this service to those with extensive injury histories, making us uniquely placed to make a significant impact whilst safeguarding your health.

- Aesthetic transformations
- Stunt/role-specific athleticism
- Optimising physical and mental performance
‍Our scientific approach to data collection, analysis and plan development ensure we deliver a sector-leading service based around accountability. Our process is based on objectivity and is fully transparent to ensure optimal delivery is achieved.

Laryngeal and Vocal Physiotherapy


We offer specialist laryngeal manual therapy treatment for patients suffering from voice-related issues and concerns or those wanting to maintain vocal health. The larynx is a muscle and joint complex, which can be affected by vocal workload, postural imbalance and insufficient support patterns. These factors can lead to overuse of musculature, causing tension and restriction of vocal fold movement and potentially reducing vocal range, causing breathiness and vocal fatigue.

Vocal Physiotherapy aims to offload muscular overload areas and restriction by using manual therapies, stretching, and strengthening techniques while also considering the surrounding anatomy, such as issues around the jaw, including clicking, pain, and headaches. 

Vocal physiotherapy benefits all professional voice users, from singers, actors to fitness instructors and presenters

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Educational Talks

We provide a number of talks to West End and Touring companies that can be tailored to your needs to suit your production or educational institution. The aim of these talks is to use the benefit of our vast experience to cover a predetermined subject-area which will give your performers the tools they need to own their physicality, wellbeing and performance which will translate into a better performance and a longer, healthier career.

These, and many more talks are available for us to deliver as well as the option to create a more bespoke solution for the unique challenges and time restrictions you may be facing at your production or education facility.




Our multifaceted, flexible approach looks at the broader picture and is delivered as standard. This has been developed through years of working in high performance and is applied to crew and cast. We are helping everyone to give their optimal performance, aiding every aspect of the production.

A key aspect of Production Physiotherapy’s practice is our firm belief that ‘our work is done in the dark, to shine in the light’. Meaning that our service is trusted, delivered to the utmost discretion and will not be publicised.

We provide multiple solutions that will enable us to cover whatever your production demands, ranging from ad hoc to full-time services.



Sophie has been working with some of the UK's leading West End and Touring Productions since 2013. Since then, and the conception of Production Physiotherapy, we have grown our team of therapists to supply the increasing physiotherapy and performance demands.

Eight shows a week, travel, raked stages, demanding choreography all take their toll on the performer's body. By providing an elite-sport derived proactive service, we can help reduce injury rates and days lost to pain, utilising several different strategies to positive impact the performer's physicality and recovery. These services have previously been at a premium cost. However, our standard delivery is inclusive of these.

We provide multiple solutions that will enable us to cover your production demands, ranging from ad hoc, full time to touring services.



"Barry and Sophie have always been brilliant and crucial physiotherapists for me during my career. Taking the time to really listen and understand everything regarding my injuries from years of being a professional dancer and performer on stage and on screen. From physical treatment to equipping me with the necessary knowledge and exercises for rehabilitating myself in between in-person sessions to speed up recovery. I will always highly recommend Production Physiotherapy to anyone seeking physical help as they have saved me on uncountable occasions!"

- Leon Cooke, Actor, Mary Poppins, Rocketman, The Little Mermaid


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