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"Barry and Sophie have always been brilliant and crucial physiotherapists for me during my career. Taking the time to really listen and understand everything regarding my injuries from years of being a professional dancer and performer on stage and on screen. From physical treatment to equipping me with the necessary knowledge and exercises for rehabilitating myself in between in-person sessions to speed up recovery. I will always highly recommend Production Physiotherapy to anyone seeking physical help as they have saved me on uncountable occasions!"

- Leon Cooke, Actor, Mary Poppins, Rocketman, The Little Mermaid
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“Barry is one of the best in the biz. Over the coarse of a 5 month shoot with around 9 to 10 hours of wire work, dodging explosions and hitting the ground a day, it gets a bit tough on the body. Barry was key in keeping me up to the task. Couldn’t have done it without him.”

- Antal Kalik, Stuntman – Jupiter Ascending
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“Barry came to me by chance. He helped me, the actors and my stunt team with his expertise. My crew are under high stress situations and end up carrying injuries without proper rest in order to heal. That’s where Barry came in and looked after the performers and gave them the opportunity to keep working. Would be great to have Barry around all the time.”

- Ben Cooke, Stunt Coordinator & MMA Athlete – Jupiter Ascending
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“When I arrived in January 2013 I was in such pain and discomfort from a long year of training and racing triathlons. Ending with an Ironman in Late November. I was suffering with what I thought was a hip problem. I was REALLY struggling. Through our sessions together not only did Barry help relieve the discomfort , he educated me with body mechanics and exercises to help heal and prevent future problems. I came to the UK barely able to run 100m , and last weekend completed half marathon with a personal best. You saved my Life Mate!”

- RA Rondell, Stunt Coordinator & Iron Man competitor – Jupiter Ascending
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