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Welcome to Production Physio

It has not been a short route to what Production Physiotherapy is today. Our directors, Barry and Sophie, met when working together as consultants in a prominent Harley Street Sports Medicine Centre in 2015. Barry was a Rehabilitation and Conditioning Consultant with a background in elite sports, and Sophie, a Consultant Physiotherapist specialising in Dance Performance athletes and had worked extensively in West End musical theatre and sport.

Despite different educational backgrounds and experience, they discovered that they shared many of the fundamental ethical and practical principles that are the main contributors to health and performance.  

In 2016, whilst working on a Disney Production, Barry required someone to rely on to deliver physiotherapy services for another Disney Production and had no hesitation in asking for Sophie's support. This went very well. They started to discuss the formation of a company that could utilise their skillsets across multiple production streams and address their perception of what was lacking within Productions within the sector. After informally working together in this way for 12 months, they decided to commit to the development of this company and Production Physiotherapy was born.



If you would like to join the Production Physio team and work with some of the top productions in the UK please send us your CV by clicking the button below.



"Barry and Sophie have always been brilliant and crucial physiotherapists for me during my career. Taking the time to really listen and understand everything regarding my injuries from years of being a professional dancer and performer on stage and on screen. From physical treatment to equipping me with the necessary knowledge and exercises for rehabilitating myself in between in-person sessions to speed up recovery. I will always highly recommend Production Physiotherapy to anyone seeking physical help as they have saved me on uncountable occasions!"

- Leon Cooke, Actor, Mary Poppins, Rocketman, The Little Mermaid


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