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October 2022's Performer-related peer review evidence

All the best research publish in October 2022, related to dance and performers

Guest Post: How breathing can impact your voice

A voice coaches perspective on tightness and how that may affect the voice of the performer, from Lucinda Allen from

Your Day-to-Day Context

Ever wondered why you repeat the same session or performance as last week and it felt so much more difficult this time? This might explain why.

Myth: THE Perfect Squat

Did you know THE single perfect way to squat? You don't? Good, because there isn't one. So don't worry

Building muscle. A dirty secret

Talking about a dirty little secret of muscle building, and how it is actually very useful for performers to understand to optimise their training.

Loading your bones

Introducing the concept of how exercise selection can positively affect bone health. The exercise you choose matters!

Simple Carbohydrates

Following our Macros: An intro to carbs, we're going to focus on sugars AKA THE ENEMY

Exercise: Isometric Glute Bridge

First post looking into a specific exercise, and trying to uncover its less obvious uses. These aren't sexy but they are incredibly informative.

Hypermobility: The Brighton Criteria Copy

Following on from our Beighton Score post, the Brighton Criteria starts to shed light on whether you may have hypermobility syndrome.

Puppetry & Physio

Puppets are widely used in Productions, and the challenges are unique to each puppet. Here is an introduction to a lesser known art and it's challenges.

Myth: Flat feet cause your pain

Myth: My *insert random injury or pain* is caused by my flat feet, and there's nothing I can do about it. Let's talk about this.

Guest Post: Young Female Hip

Hip specialist physio Mem Gem gives some insight into the young female dancers hip, and a common cause of pain.

Hypermobility: Beighton Score

Been told you are hypermobile, but not actually told what it means? Here's the first step in its identification.

Feel the rhythm

introducing your body's orchestrator of wakefulness and sleepiness, your circadian rhythm and how it affects you during the day.

Macros: An intro to carbs

Our introducing nutrition series starts with a simple introduction to the frequently vilified carbohydrate. Who's keeping it starchy?

Myth: My Glutes Don't Fire

Myth Busting another favourite which involves a fallacy which would make standing up almost impossible.

Weights = Bulky? Right?

The stigma around lifting weights is changing, but does lifting weights make you bulky?

The Envelope of Function

Taking our first peak into the philosophy that underpins rehabilitation and conditioning for performers.

Can I HIIT it?

Should you be doing HIIT? How much should you do? How much is too much?

Caffeine stopping you sleep?

Caffeine affects your sleep, we know this right?! But how does it do this? Have a read and find out.

Fix my duck walk?

Challenging a fallacy that brought fame and revenue to many online outlets. "How to fix your duck walk".

Psoas what's the big deal?

Do you have a tight psoas? Psoas could be the most misunderstood muscle in the body. This may just reframe your thinking.

Re-plating thoughts on food

Nutrition is a bit of a taboo subject in the performing sector, here is a read that can help sensibly re-frame thoughts on food for optimal health.

Cos we're warming on up

How affective is your warm up? Spruce it up with some simple a simple Strength & Conditioning warm up protocol to elevate performance.

Bending over backwards

Our physio Lucie explains the need for optimal spinal mobility in dance, and things to consider when we program for this beautiful range.

The loading inside

The second part of our Load Management series looks at how you can validly score your exercise using just time and RPE. How easy is that?

Your Superpower. Sleep

Our first post introducing the huge benefits of sleep, and how our health, happiness and performance relies upon it.

Managing your loading

Beginning the process of measuring and monitoring how much load you lift, to enhance adaptation and reduce injury risk.

Want to Jump Higher?

Taking a first dive into a method of training that, when applied well, can have significant impact on how high you jump.

Strength training = slow?

Busting the old myth that you should avoid strength training as it will make you slow and highlighting just how important it can be for you.

About Our Director Barry

An introduction to our director Barry Sigrist, his path to Production Physiotherapy and the values that underline his approach.

Stimulant anyone? Coffee?

The opening article into the widest used drug in the World. Giving a new perspective on just how much you might be consuming and it's effects.

Raking it in

The demands of performing on raked stages differ significantly from flat stages, but does it enforce biomechanical adaptations to the performer?

How do performers sleep?

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to sleep? Get our opening insights into the ever under-appreciated area of how sleep affects you.

What is Vocal Physio?

Introducing a realm of physiotherapy that is often neglected, but vital in the performing arts sector. Learn more about your voice here.

About Our Director Sophie

Introducing Director Sophie Lane. Her path to where she is today, and what drove her to co-create the company.

Future impact of your injury history

We explore ways to help you understand how your injury history may reduce efficiency and pain or injury risk.

Performer or Athlete?

Delve in to whether reframing our thinking & approach to the conditioning needs of performers is required.

The Hypermobile Performer

There is a huge prevalence of performers with hypermobility, as well as misconceptions around how to optimise their performance and reduce their chance of pain and injury.

Welcoming you to Production Physiotherapy

Our first blog post to introduce the concept of our online offerings. Our background is delivering physio and performance services to film, tv and musical productions and now this expertise is being opened up to you.