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Educational Talks

We take education of performers very seriously, and have the strong belief that giving them access to the strategies and information we have utilised in World Class performers and athletes, arms them with the tools they require to own their physicality, learn more about the signs their bodies give them and techniques and processes to positively affect them. From a production perspective investing in the knowledge of your cast is great way to show them how much you value their wellbeing as well as helping create a culture of proactivity to help reduce injury and pain rates, which saves production time and money.


The talks we provide to productions, schools and colleges can be tailored to your specific needs and required outcomes. This will ensure we can provide you with outstanding value and your cast with as many useable tools to help them more informed decisions around their health, wellbeing and performance.

Why invest in educating your cast?

There is mounting evidence that education of patients can have a dramatic effect on how they interpret and respond to pain. Historically there has been a tendency for physio provisions to create reliance on their hands and service, which serves multiple purposes from commercial gain and filling of appointment diaries to reducing self-efficacy of performers so they feel they must have interventions that can only be applied by a physio, osteopath, chiropractor or massage therapist.

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Empowering performers

We believe that improving the self-efficacy of performers is far and away the best strategy to move physiotherapy provision in our sector forwards, bringing it in-line with what current evidence tells us is best for patient outcomes.


Reducing reliance helps performers feel in control of their pain and physical condition, a hugely significant aspect of wellbeing that has allows. Knowing that they can make positive steps to manage themselves through a busy performing week takes a large driver of stress out of the equation.

Improve cast prospects

A performer that performs more regularly, with less pain, is a performer able to hone their skills at a faster rate. This allows them to maximise their potential, which gives them the greatest possible opportunity to showcase their skills and increase their standing in our sector. Inevitably leading to greater opportunities due to an increased skill and physical performance level.


Benefits to productions

A healthier cast makes scheduling performances far easier which reduces the time burden for production to plug gaps caused by cast unavailable due to pain, saving a great deal of administration time.


Creating a proactive culture of care is hugely beneficial to a production, as this will become known within the sector and becomes another reason performers would prioritise working for you. Our internal research suggests that a positive culture like this is something performers privately consider when navigating the roles they would like to undertake.


This all adds us to improved performance within the production, helping to elevate the audience experience as well as saving you money and time arranging cover. It all starts with educating your performers!!


"Barry and Sophie have always been brilliant and crucial physiotherapists for me during my career. Taking the time to really listen and understand everything regarding my injuries from years of being a professional dancer and performer on stage and on screen. From physical treatment to equipping me with the necessary knowledge and exercises for rehabilitating myself in between in-person sessions to speed up recovery. I will always highly recommend Production Physiotherapy to anyone seeking physical help as they have saved me on uncountable occasions!"

- Leon Cooke, Actor, Mary Poppins, Rocketman, The Little Mermaid


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