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About Our Director Barry

Following from the introduction to Sophie, we thought it only right to introduce the other director of Production Physiotherapy, Barry Sigrist.


I hope this isn’t as painful to read as it is to write.  I was born in Enfield, North London more years ago than I’d care to admit or acknowledge. As with many people I dreamt of being a footballer and unlike a lot of people, am honest enough to say I didn’t make because I probably just wasn’t good enough, after doing my apprenticeship at Stevenage Borough FC. I always had a huge interest in sport and exercise, and as well as football I swam competitively until the age of about 12 where the volume of swimming and football reached a point where a decision had to be made.

After reaching my footballing peak I decided to apply for university, which was never on my radar, and my tutor was surprised when I got an offer from a prestigious university for producing Sports Scientists. Having started to pick up a few injuries over time, I began to enjoy the practical side of sports science and medicine but didn’t want to start studying again after finishing my initial undergrad. That led me to a sales job in London that made me understand that I’m not built for the office and a practical job in performance was what I really wanted to pursue. Luckily I was able to do that and began my second undergrad at the University of Hertfordshire, and that began my path to today. I’ll list my achievements below, as let’s face it… It’s pretty dull.


- BSc Sports Science, St Mary’s University College

- BSc Sports Therapy, University of Hertfordshire

- PG Diploma Sports and Remedial Massage, North London School of Sports Massage

- MSc Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation


I’ll do the same with significant work related experience.


- BFitter Performance Clinic, Director

- Watford FC Mens First Team, Sports Therapist

- West Ham United Mens First Team, Sports Therapist

- Centre for Health and Human Performance, 76 Harley Street, Strength and Rehabilitation Consultant

- Hintsa Performance, Performance Coach

- Haas Formula One, Performance Coach

- Red Bull Junior Driver’s Performance Coach


I left Watford Football Club in 2012 and was recommended to the film production of Jupiter Ascending to manage the therapy side of cast and the stunt department. Not something I ever envisaged doing, but there I found myself applying sporting concepts to the production environment and that’s where the insight came to develop a product that bridged that gap and upped the level of provision to the film sector.


As Sophie mentioned in her post, we met whilst at CHHP in Harley Street where I was a Rehabilitation and Conditioning consultant. I needed some cover whilst providing therapy provisions for Disney’s Aladdin and Sophie fitted the personal and professional criteria needed to seamlessly assist, and after a coffee (Sophie loves a coffee) together we decided to move forwards and start something together. Production Physiotherapy was born. 


Values and beliefs


Fast forwards to now and I am a father to a gorgeous little boy that I live for, he’s my grounding factor that no matter what goes on reminds me why I do what I do and is my motivation to do everything in a way that allows me to look him in the eye and confidently say I tried my best for everyone that has relied upon me and behaved in a way he would be proud of.


With that as my grounding, and probably being reluctant to self-promote, I find the whole self-promotion side of marketing and social media incredibly difficult and uncomfortable, because credibility and honesty mean so much to me, and I see so much of that compromised online. It’s a hard balance to truly achieve. That said, we want to provide transparency in our aims and objectives, which is lacking online, therefore giving you a platform you can trust.


With regards to my practice, It’s important for people I work with to know that I am empathetic to their situations, but honest enough to give structured useful feedback as to how they might move forwards. I'm anti-reliance creation, taking away patients/clients power to own their physicality for the benefit of ones finances or personal agenda. Especially when reliance creation and self-service is dress up as empathy, a manipulation that is actually really simple to spot.


I believe in creating an environment for education and self-reliance, which helps to achieve sustainable change via positive behaviour and then habit formulation. This can be in the form for owning your previous pain, strength and conditioning programs, improving nutritional decisions and improving sleep performance.


What I’d like to achieve via our platform is a transference of manageable, high-level information which is driven towards improving your decision making around your health, wellbeing and performance. Something our professional partners and customers would vouch for, trust, whilst understanding our mission to help.


I hope this sheds a little light on who I am and what is meaningful to me, in terms of values and what I’d like to achieve via Production Physiotherapy.

Thanks for reading



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