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Pallof Press - Laying

The anti-rotation component to the pallof press can be replicated in a laying position, this enables a vast amount of the lower limb stabilising force to be negated and can be an excellent addition to programs that require you to not have weight through your feet.

The crook laying position allows you to generate the smaller amount of stability required for the exercise which functionally will still require some force from the glutes. Therefore this may be a useful option with this spiral type of load transfer in mind.

Other cues

Do not hold your breathe

Drive heels into the floor

Control speed throughout

Slightly pause at the punch position

Targeted muscles trained

Internal obliques

External obliques

Posterior deltoid (furthest hand)

Key movements trained

Anti-lumbar rotation

Load transfer across the pelvis

Shoulder stability


Recent shoulder injuries or significant weakness in the rotator cuff may limit this exercise and make therefore may require the reaching part of the exercise is reduced to a shorted range.

If you wanted to really exaggerate glute activation with the exercise then lifting the hips into a glute bridge may be a great options.

This may be a good option for those wanting to have an anti-rotation exercise in their program but cannot weightier through the lower limbs.


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