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Table Top - Heel lift

Changing the challenge and putting more emphasis on the front of the hip and pelvis can be achieved in the table top position using the heel raises. This subtle movement is enough to destabilise the position and therefore put more load in to the weightbearing hip joint. At the same time the lifting leg is subject to force being provided from the gluteus maximus, across the SIJ and into the lower back.

Other cues

Push the floor away with intent

Balance imaginary drinks on your lower back

Keep the ankles stiff whilst pushing the foot into the ground

Maintain a controlled pace

Targeted muscles trained

Serratus anterior

Rotator cuff group

Rectus abdominus

Quadriceps (weightbearing leg)

Gluteus maximus (lifting leg)

Key movements trained

Scapular protraction

Rotator cuff co-contraction

Lumbar anti-flexion

Knee extension


This can be considered a progression from the Table top hold, or Table Top Shoulder tap when it comes to lower limb, hip and pelvis loading. Going into 3-point greatly loads the quadriceps on the weight bearing leg along with the abdominals and obliques which are controlling any lumbar rotation caused by the instability.


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