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Renegade Row

A favourite pattern for the "functional" training lovers. The Renegade Row is no doubt a great exercise, and when executed well has a huge array of benefits on trunk stability and well as shoulder health. Quite often though people use too much weight and become too focused on the pulling part of the exercise, whereas the gold from this exercise is from remaining as still as possible even through the rowing pattern.

Other cues

Pull dumbbell to your pocket

Push the floor away from you

Grip the dumbbell firmly

Keep the wrist stiff

Targeted muscles trained

Rectus abdominus

Internal obliques

External obliques

Rotator cuff group

Rectis femoris Latissimus dorsi

Key movements trained

Lumbar anti-extension

Lumbar anti-rotation

Hip anti-flexion

Shoulder extension

Rotator cuff co-contraction


A wide stance will help you with base stability but if you are feeling that this is too easy, then narrowing the feet position would be significantly increase the stability challenge. It's not always about heavier weights with this one.

This can be very useful for developing wrist stiffness, or your ability to create stiffness at the wrist joint. The tight grip will also ensure high levels of rotator cuff recruitment to allow you to stabilise the joint and create a diagonal load from the weight bearing shoulder to the hip and leg on the opposite side, making it ideal for developing load transfer across the pelvis and the oblique sling of muscles across the front of your body.


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