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Split Jump

A classic plyometric exercise that is not in vogue at the moment. The hip impact nature of the landing on a narrow base considerably challenges the body and may put a high level of force into the knee and ankle joints. This makes it a useful exercise in aiding those trying to develop multidirectional, unpredictable explosivity.

Other cues

Keep the back ankle stiff to accept load

Control deceleration of the front knee position

Big chest throughout

Keep the landing quiet

Hands can be free and used for momentum

Targeted muscles trained

Gluteus maximus

Quadriceps group


Gluteus medius

Adductor group

Key movements trained

Hip extension

Knee extension

Ankle plantarflexion

Knee anti-valus


The narrow, long stance position is very unstable and therefore the hip abductors and adductors work hard to sustain a stable split stance position whilst explosively driving your body upwards. The front leg may be subject to a fair amount of compression at the front of the joint so this may limit some people.

The back leg however has the front of the hip held in a long position which disadvantages the hip flexors and may compress the back part of the hip joint. This stretch from the front of the hip may create a pulling force on the front of the pelvis so it’s key to attempt to control that as to control the lower back and pelvic position.

The back leg lands in a position which can load the Achilles tendon a fair amount. If you have history of Achilles tendon injury of a recently tight calf then it may be wise to build into the exercise over a period of time using more static variations such as a split squat.


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