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Abduction Chop

The isotonic version of the Abduction hold, the Abduction Chop is a good way to develop greater capacity in the lateral (outside) of the hip, primarily the hip abductors like gluteus medius. This exercise has been vilified previously due to it's lack of shear loading however for specifically targeting the gluteus medius muscle, and developing the muscles capacity there are not many exercises that are better.

Other cues

Hips perpendicular to the floot

Toes point to the knee

Use the hand for stability but not to create force

Support the head

keep your pelvis away from your arm pit

Targeted muscles trained

Gluteus Medius

Gluteus Maximus

Tensor Fasciae Late

Key movements trained

Hip abduction

Pelvic anti-lateral tilt


Although there are exercises with higher activity levels for the muscles the abductor chop targets, they are usually utilising the muscles in an isometric manner to create stability around the hip. The Abduction Chop, however, targets the muscles through their range and can allow you to increase their capacity and strength potentials. These traits can carry over in to the stability jobs the muscles have to do during function

Using the technical tweaks described will ensure that the target muscles are emphasised and hopefully reduce the amount of contribution other muscles have over this movement. This includes tensor fasciae latae and quadrates lumborum which tend to come in and help when specific hip muscles become weak or in the presence of pain

If you have a hip region bursitis or gluteus medius tendinopthy then this may not be a great choice closed kinetic chain exercises as more effective especially when pain is present


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